Capacity Building Support for Ongoing Prototype Testing Platform

Grant No. OPP1170678: 


Capacity Building Support for Ongoing Prototype Testing Platform

June 2017 to April 2020

Project Description:

During 2017, four reinvented toilet prototypes will undergo engineering testing in Durban, South Africa. The prototype Engineering Field Testing (EFT) program aims to conduct engineering testing of a number of toilet systems in the field in order to assess feasibility, durability and robustness in an actual community rather than in laboratory conditions. These prototypes were developed by selected grantees as part of the Re-invent the Toilet Challenge (RTTC) put forward by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). EThekwini Municipality was selected as a suitable testing ground for four of the prototypes due to its track record of testing and implementing new sanitation technologies as well as the existence of strong relationships with communities and political leadership. In addition, the ongoing relationship between the Water and Sanitation Unit (EWS) within the Municipality and Khanyisa Projects allows for ongoing evaluation and research into the application of the prototypes in the field.

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