Funded by PAMSA

Natural resource optimization for pulp and paper project

Funded by: PAMSA

January 2010 – March 2015

Project description

Since 2010, PAMSA has supported the bursaries for master’s student research at the University of Stellenbosch, University of Witswatersrand, University of Pretoria, and University of KwaZulu Natal. The projects cover a range of topics related to the pulp and paper industry including: 

  • water use by and effluents from paper mills, 
  • production of and characteristics of bio-oil, 
  • use of membrane technologies in purification of bleach plant effluent, 
  • cellular-level investigations of plant materials, and 
  • material flow analysis of the pulp and paper industry. 

The project currently supports four master’s students in Pollution Research Group. Two students are conducting a material flow analysis of the pulp sector in South Africa, and two students are examining water use and effluent at paper mills.

Material flow analysis (MFA) is a systematic assessment of the flows and stocks of materials through the environment and relevant economic system. Material flow analysis method is attractive as a decision-support tool in resource management as it delivers complete and consistent information about all flows and stocks of materials in a system, and examines the environmental consequences arising from using certain materials in production systems. The research being carried out by the two master’s students monitors the flow of carbon through the South African pulp sector to determine the environmental performance and sustainability of the pulp and paper industry.

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