Phase II

May 2013 – July 2014

Phase II of the project is based on the realisation that other Gates grantees, in order to design and build their prototypes, required data on various excreta streams, access to different sanitation systems and field testing of their prototypes. The PRG, together with EWS, are in a unique position to offer these services. 

The aim of Phase II is therefore to characterise mechanical, chemical and biological properties of excreta streams from dry on‐site sanitation systems or from decentralized low‐water consuming sanitation systems, and to distribute this data to other Gates grantees to support their research. 

Assistance will be also be provided to other grantees in establishing and evaluating their prototypes in Durban, and supporting their work by:
  • obtaining experimental data of a range of excreta streams, 
  • undertaking generic process investigations on selected excreta streams, 
  • developing process models of material flows and transformations, 
  • facilitating field trials for grantees in Durban, and obtaining data from other African countries in the last months of the project

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