Alumni and previous staff members

Graduated Postgraduate Students


Doctoral (PhD)

University of KwaZulu-Natal

Pillay VL 1991 Modelling of Turbulent Cross-Flow Microfiltration of Particulate Suspensions
Rencken GR 1992 Performance Studies of the Tubular Filter Press
Naidoo V 1999 Municipal Wastewater Characterization. Application of denitrification batch tests
Simpson 1995 Recovery of caustic soda from textile effluents
Kibata N 2000 Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries: Internet Based Computing Model for effective Delivery of Services
Schwikkard GW 2001 An Investigation of Advanced Oxidation Processes in Water Treatment
Gianadda P 2002 The Development and Application of Combined Water and Materials Pinch Analysis to a Chlor-Alkali Plant
Bell J 2002 Treatment of Dye Wastewaters in the Anaerobic Baffled Reactor and Characterisation of the Associated Microbial Populations
Huang TH 2005 An Integrated Computational Fluid Dynamics and Kinetics Study of Ozonation in Water Treatment
Mariah L 2006 Membrane Distillation of Concentrated Brines
Pillay SD 2006 An Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of the Provision of Recycled Water in Durban
Leske A 2008 The Development of a Method for the Inclusion of Salinity Effects into Environmental Life Cycle Assessments
Foxon KM 2009 Analysis of a Pilot-Scale Anaerobic Baffled Reactor Treating Domestic Wastewater
Pillay S 2011 Membrane Fouling Mechanisms in a Membrane-Coupled Anaerobic Baffled Reactor (ABR) Treating a Complex Wastewater
Bame IB 2012 A Laboratory and Glasshouse Evaluation of an Anaerobic Baffled Reactor Effluent as a Nutrient and Irrigation Source for Maize in Soils of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Bakare BF 2014 Scientific and Management Support for Ventilated Improved Pit Latrines (VIP) Sludge Content

Technical University, Dresden

Reynaud NS 2014 Operation of Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS) under tropical field conditions

University of Stellenbosch

John W 2008 Synthesis and Properties of Polymers Used in Water Purification

University of Johannesburg

Crous P 2014 Communal Ablution Facilities as Interim Measure for the Upgrading of Informal Settlements

Masters in Engineering (MScEng)

Ms Brindha John - An Investigation of the Environmental Impacts on the Manufacturing Process of Pulp and Paper, Based on Life Cycle Assessment Ethodology : A Gate-to Gate Case Study at Mondi Kraft Richards Bay - Registered 2000.
Mr Eric Slabbert - The Application of Water Pinch to an Integrated Pulp and Paper Kraft Mill with an Already Highly Closed Water System - Registered 2000.
Mr Prelan Gounder - Modelling of the Effects of Textile Industry Wastewaters on the Performance of a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant - Registered 2004.
Mr Shailendra Rajkumar - Mathematical Modelling of Biological Sulphate Reduction in Anaerobic Digestion - Registered 2004
Mrs Anna Bindoff - Determination of the Effectiveness of Commercially Available Pit Latrine Additives in Reducing Bulk Solids in the Pit – Registered 2005
Sivaneren Naidoo - Coal Gasification : A Business Case for Gas Treatment - Registered 2004
Mr Mudunge, R., `Biological Treatment of Agro-industrial Effluent', Thesis MScEng, 2001.
Ms Friedrich, E., `The Use of Environmental Life Cycle Assessment for the Production of Potable Water’, Thesis MScEng, 2002.
Mr Govender, M., `Investigation of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell’, MScEng, 2002.
Ms Thambiran, N., `An Investigation of Waste Minimisation Club for the Metal Finishing Industry, MScEng Thesis, 2003.
Ms Reiner, M., ` Industrial Waste Minimisation In South Africa : A Case Study in the Textile and Metal Finishing Sector’, MScEng Thesis, 2003.
Mr Schneider, J.P.Z., `The Application of Water Pinch Analysis at AECI Bioproducts’, MScEng, Thesis, 2003.
Mr Vorenberg, D., ` Thermodynamic Environmental Fate Modeling’, MScEng Thesis, 2003. (CAB co supervisor)
Mr Govender, R., ` Design and Development of a Crossflow Microfiltration System for Industrial Solid-liquid Separation’, MTech Thesis, 2003. (ML Sultan Technikon) - (CAB co supervisor)
Ms Naylor, G., `The Application of Pinch Technology in an Integrated Pulp and Paper Mill’, Thesis MScEng, 2003
Ms Pastre, M. , `Modelling and Control of Potable Water Chlorination’, Thesis MScEng, 2003.
Mr Naidoo, D., `A Pre-screening Tool for the Anaerobic Treatment of Complex Industrial Effluents and Wastewaters’, Thesis MScEng, 2003
Mr Biscos, C.P.G., `Optimal Operation of a Water Distribution Network by Predictive Control Using MINLP’, Thesis MScEng, 2004.
Ms Mansfield, M., `The Use of Water Pinch Analysis to Determine Optimum Effluent Treatment Conditions for an Integrated Pulp and Paper Mill’, Thesis MScEng, 2006.
Mr Macdonald, C., `Water Usage in the South African Pulp and Paper Industry’, Thesis MScEng, 2006.
Mr Pillay, S., `Microbiological Studies of an Anaerobic Baffled Reactor Treating Domestic Wastewater’, Thesis MSc (BioSci), 2006.
Mr Kay, L., 'Development of a model of the aerobic membrane bioreactor treating Illovo wastewater', 2015.
Mr Adu-Poku, S., 'Material Flow Analysis for the South African Pulp and Paper sector', Thesis MScEng, 2016.


Mr Bailey, R., `Designing a Welfare Maximising Water Tariff for Durban with Ramsey Pricing Principles’, Thesis MBA in Water Management, 2003.


Ms Soukop, M., `The Establishment of a Methodology for Initiating and Managing Waste Minimisation Clubs’, B.Soc.Sci.(Hons) In the Department of School of Life and Environmental Sciences, 2003. (CAB co supervisor)