Adeshola Oyawoye

 Adeshola Oyawoye
 MSc Crop Science Student
 BSc, Msc
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 +27 604 362 657
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Project Title: Evaluation of Lemna minor and Azolla spp for biomass production, removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from DEWATS effluent and the fertilizer value of the biomass.

Supervisors: Dr. A. O Odindo (Crop Sciences)

Prof P Muchaoyerwa (soil Sciences)

She is an individual who aspires to live in a world filled with innovative ideas and solutions, a place without any form of pollution, in the interim she will settle for a world where basic needs like food and sanitation is sufficiently available for all.

She has her undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria. Where she studied Agriculture (B.Agric; MSc. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development)

She joined the Pollution Research Group as a postgrad student working on wastewater recycle and reuse in Agriculture- a pollution reducing strategy. She is currently running a secondary master’s degree in Crop Sciences.

Her hobbies include, photography and food tasting “occasionally”.