Who has visited?

The PRG hosts a number of local and international visitors with an interested in water and sanitation aspects. Reasons for these visits include:

  • Undertaking laboratory and field experiments
  • Testing of prototype equipment
  • Undertaking a “sanitation tour” in order to obtain an overview of the sanitation challenges in Durban
  • Graduate and post-graduate students undertaking research as part of their course requirements
  • Post-graduate researchers working as interns in order to gain some experience in water and sanitation aspects
  • Meetings to discuss areas of collaboration
  • Co-supervision of post-graduate students

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Date(s) of Visit

Asian Institute of Technology;

February 2014; July 2014

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; USA

May 2014; May 2015; August 2015; December 2015; October 2016

BORDA; Germany

November 2015 to May 2016


May 2014; June 2016

Bristol Robotics; UK

April to December 2014

Clean Team Ghana; Ghana

April 2014

Columbia University; USA

November 2015

Duke University; USA

June 2013

EAWAG; Switzerland

April to May 2014; August 2015

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne; Switzerland

June 2014

ETH Zurich; Switzerland

March to June 2014

Firmenich; Switzerland

September 2014; September 2016

Hochschule Zittau-Görlitz; Germany

March to September 2015

Imperial College; UK

November 2015

INSA; France

1 February to end June 2015

Kubota Membrane; Europe

7 April 2014

Medea; China

December 2015

North Carolina State University; USA

July 2013; July to August 2014

North-West University; SA

March 2015

Oklahoma State University; USA

May 2013; June 2014; April 2015; November 2015;
April 2016; August 2016; September 2016

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

March to December 2014


August 2015

San Diago State University and California Polytechnic University in Pomona; USA

June to July 2015; June to July 2016

Sanergy; Kenya

December 2013

Sanitation Service Delivery Program; Ghana

November 2015

SEI International; Sweden

September 2013; April 2014; February to April 2015

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Sweden

June 2013

Technical University of Delft; The Netherlands

February to March 2014; September to December 2014

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt; Germany

April 2014

The University of Dublin; Ireland

May 2016

Trinity College; Ireland

November 2015

Umeå University; Sweden

October 2015; March 2016

University College, London; UK

May 2016

University of Botswana; Botswana

October 2015

University of Colorado, USA

January to February 2014

University of Erlangen; Germany

November 2014 to  January 2015

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; USA

July to August 2015

University of Laval; Canada

October to November 2013; February to July 2015

University of McGill; Canada

January to April 2016

Westminster University; UK

September 2016

Zambian Delegation; Zambia

February 2014