Field sites

The Newlands-Mashu Research Site

Located in the Newlands East area of Durban, these facilities are used to conduct research experiments and test the applicability of models in the field. Currently, PRG is conducting the evaluation of the DEWATS plant (WRC K5/2002) and field research of VUNA reactors at the Newlands Research Site. Trials at Newlands are part of the eThekwini Municipality’s long term strategy relative to sanitation systems for both existing and new housing projects.

The envisaged application for the DEWATS system in Durban is to provide wastewater treatment to dense informal settlements, development and transport nodes, schools and clinics with relatively high population densities which are beyond the sewer network of the city. 

Two nutrient recovery reactors are being evaluated as part of the VUNA project to recover Nitrogen and Phosphorus from collected urine, and incorporate these nutrients into usable fertilisers. 

Also present at this site are test models of urine diversion dehydration toilets, which are evaluated on site to provide important design and maintenance information to the municipality.