Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Since 2009, the PRG has been involved in various sanitation projects funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This is either as a sub-contractor to other organisations, or as the lead research organization. A list of these projects is provided below with a link to more detail and research publications.


Lead organization


Brief Description

Methods for Faecal Sludge Analysis  PRG 2018 This book aims at improved communication between sanitation practitioners, comparative faecal sludge database, and improved confidence in the methods and obtained results.
Capacity Building Support for Ongoing Prototype Testing Platform PRG and Khanyisa Projects 2017 to 2020 Laboratory and technical support to grantees undertaking engineering field testing of sanitation prototypes.

Standard Methods for the analysis of Faecal Sludge


2017 to 2018

Development of a book of standard methods for the analysis of faecal sludge

Characterization of faecal material behaviour during drying


2017 to 2018

To support the research of drying characteristics and data of fecal matter, and disseminate the findings to sanitation practitioners working in developing countries

Omni-Ingestor Workshops



Specialists in the field of pumping were brought together to two workshops to discuss the development of innovative pit emptying devices.

lncreased reach of Faecal Sludge Management education


2015 to 2016

Development and delivery of an on-line course on Faecal Sludge Management

Viscous Heating for Helminth Deactivation

University of Missouri-Kansas City

2015 to 2017

Testing of viscous heaters for the deactivation of helminths in faecal sludge

Capacity Grant


2014 to 2017

Equipment and health and safety modifications to the PRG facilities to increase capacity to support sanitation practitioners

City Partnerships for Urban 

Sanitation Services 


Khanyisa Projects

2013 to 2017

Investigating the use of Black Soldier Fly Larvae for the treatment of sludge from Urine Diversion Toilets

Reinvent the Toilet Challenge Phase 2


2013 to 2016

Provision of laboratory and data support to other Grantees for the development of their prototype systems

Pit emptying using modified screw augers

North Carolina State University


To assist in the field testing of a screw auger for the emptying of pit latrines

Shear Extrusion to Treat Fecal Waste

Oklahoma State University


Development of an experimental rig for the treatment of faecal sludge

Economic Evaluation of Faecal Sludge Disposal Routes



The development of a model comparing the cost of different FSM treatment and disposal routes.

Mechanical Properties of Faecal Sludge


2012 to 2014

A study into the physical, mechanical and biological properties of faecal sludge from different types of on-site sanitation facilities.

Reinvent the Toilet Challenge Phase 1


2011 to 2012

Research into off-the-grid sanitation systems. The PRG developed a prototype design for community ablution blocks

Menstrual Management

University of Maryland


2011 to 2013

A multi-sectoral investigation into the links between women’s experiences and habits with menstrual management and local sanitation systems

Valorisation of Urine Nutrients in Africa (VUNA)


2010 to 2014

A multi-disciplinary collaborative project to undertake research into the collection and processing of urine from urine diversion dry toilets (UDDTs).

New concepts for on-site sanitation based on bio-additives and pit design

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

2009 to 2010

Investigation into sampling and analysis of pit latrine sludge