Information for visiting researchers
Below are some important documents and information for visiting researchers:

Visitor Information Document

This document provides an overview of information required for visiting researchers to the PRG laboratory. It includes general traveller information, contact details for PRG staff, required vaccinations and ethics requirements.

Checklist for Visiting Researchers

There are two checklists under this link. The first provides a checklist of actions that need to be completed prior to visiting the PRG, while the second is a document which provides an overview of all requirements for working in either the PRG or Newlands Mashu Research Site.

Laboratory and Field Questionnaire

Completing this MSWord form enables the PRG to plan in advance for visiting researchers. It requests information on the requirements for any field or laboratory experiments.

Sample Analysis Questionnaire

Completing this MSWord form provides the PRG with a guideline as to the type of sample analysis and data required.

Sanitation Tour

This document provides an overview of a “Sanitation Tour” which can be requested to be undertaken in order to obtain an overview of the different types of sanitation technologies currently in place within eThekwini and the research being undertaken by eThekwini Water and Sanitation (EWS) and the PRG.

Research Equipment and Facilities

This manual provides an overview of the PRG laboratory and the equipment that is available to visiting researchers. Please note that as the Laboratory is currently undergoing an upgrade, this document will be reviewed and updated in December 2016.

SOP Manual

This document provides an overview of all the SOPs currently used by the PRG for the analysis of excreta samples. It also includes SOPs for the transport of material, as well as safe disposal guidelines. As this manual is continuously reviewed and updated, please check back regularly for revised editions.

Laboratory Analysis Cost Sheet

Under a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the PRG are able to offer laboratory analyses at a discounted rate to the end of October 2017. This document provides a list of the cost of all tests that can be undertaken in the laboratory.

Indemnity Forms

There are two indemnity forms that need to be signed by visiting researchers working in either the PRG or Newlands Mashu Research Site laboratories.

Ethics Information

Any research that involves the use of human excreta streams, or interaction with human subjects, requires ethical clearance. The necessary forms are provided here. This process can take months to complete, and therefore the process needs to started as early as possible when planning collaborative projects. Further information can be found at

Material Transfer Agreement

In order for samples to be brought, or sent, to the PRG for analysis, a Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) needs to be signed by both parties. The template used by UKZN for MTA is provided here. This process can take up to 2 months to complete, and therefore needs to  be initiated timeously.

Import / Export Permits

In order for the PRG to accept any excreta samples from another country (or export such samples out of South Africa) an import/export permit is required. The PRG needs to apply for these which can take a few weeks, so please inform the PRG timeously if this is required.