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Adeshola Oyawoye
Evaluation of Lemna minor and Azolla spp for biomass production, removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from DEWATS effluent and the fertilizer value of the biomass.
Akash Singh  -    -
Albert Muzhingi Forward Osmosis of Urine 
Aoife Byrne Chemical, physical and biological characterisation of the faecal sludge produced from the Pour-flush sanitation system
Arnold Mashava  -    -
Avesh Ramburan  -    -
Blessing Makununika
Drying properties and thermal characteristics of faecal sludge for VIP and UD toilets
Darryn Logan  -
Daylen Naidoo  -    -
Donovan Horstman  -    -
Ellen Mutsakatria Characterisation of faecal sludge from Urine Diversion Toilets – impact on black soldier fly larvae.
Hope Joseph
Develop and describe a suitable logistic collection system for urine harvesting in eThekwini.
Ismael Ally  -    -
Jayanth Ramlal  -    -
Jimson Itai Tanyanyiwa Co-digestion of industrial and domestic wastewater
Joyce Ouma
Membrane filtration of flush water and urine
Keke Mehlomakhulu
An investigation into improving the payment for water services in Siyanda Township
Kerishan Govender  -    -
Khonzaphi Dube Themophysical Properties of Urine
Lehlolonolo Teba  -    -
Leshen Vurdiah  -    -
Luandrn Jansen van Vuuren  -    -
Lungiswa Zuma Mechanical properties of faecal sludge from on-site sanitation facilities
Nicolette Govender Investigation into the anaerobic digestion of stripped gas liquor
Nigel Tafadzwa Chikore Material Flow Analysis (MFA) study on the South African Paper and Paperboard Sector
Nosipho Mkhize  -    -
Noxolo Mkhwanazi  -    -
Peter Jaenicke  -    -
Rennia Mwenje The flow characteristics and mass balances of vertically flow constructed wetlands.
Semeshan Naidoo Assessing how infrastructure has affected the Palmiet River and riparian zone.
Sharon Migeri  -    -
Simon Mirara Characterization and processing of VIP sludge which is based on the Latrine Dehydration and Pasteurisation (LaDePa) machine. 
Stuart Woolley
Investigating the rheological properties of human excreta, in an effort to provide mechanical property design data for new generation off-the-grid sanitation technologies
Taahira Goga
Investigating a series of Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) on various water treatment plants that use alternative water sources (sea water and acid mine water).
Tendayi Mugauri  -    -
Veneil Sewnarain  -    -
Vishnu Mabeer  -    -
Vivian Maleba

Yaseer Ally  -    -