MScEng Dissertations






Dube K 2017 Modeling Of The Thermophysical Properties Of Hydrolysed Urine And Its Concentrates

  2.4 MB
Ally I 2016
Simulation Tests For The Operation Of A Water Main With Break Pressure Tanks

  9.4 MB
Goga T
2016 A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Water Treatment Plants using Alternative Sources of Water (Seawater and Mine Affected Water)

   4.9 MB
Makununika 2016 Thermal Drying of Faecal Sludge from VIP latrines and Characterisation of Dried Faecal Material   2.6 MB
Muzhingi A 2016 Forward Osmosis of Stored Urine   3.7 MB
 Ouma J
2016 Microfiltration/Ultrafiltration Of Stored Urine And Urine Diluted With Water   3.9 MB
Ally Y 2015
Reduction Of The Environmental Impact Of A Soft Drink Manufacturing Plant
  3.6 MB
Adu-Poku S
2015 Plant-based Carbon Flow Analysis of South African Pulp Mills   2.39 MB
 Singh B 2015 The compostability and direct land application of paper mill sludge   3.09 MB
 Vurdiah L
2015 Application of water network optimization at MPACT Ltd, Springs Mill   1.71 MB
 Salisbury F
2015 An investigation into the application of multiple criteria decision analysis as a decision support tool for municipal engineers   1.44 MB
Alembong O 2014 Carbon Flow Analysis in the South African Forest and the Forestry Sector
24 KB 3.0 MB
Kay L.G 2014
Development Of A Model Of The Aerobic Membrane Bioreactor Treating Illovo Wastewater    4.1 MB
Horstman D 2014 Analysis And Experimental Exploration Of A Nanofiltration Membrane System, In The Context Of Potential Urine Treatment Processes   4.2 MB

Musazura W


Effect of ABR effluent irrigation on Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla) growth and nutrient leaching

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1.93 MB

Wood K


Transformation of Faecal Sludge in VIPS: Modelling Fill Rate with an Unsteady-State Mass Balance

123 KB

1.10 MB

Iswalal T.N


A Combination of Experimental and Programming Based Material Balancing Used With a Numerical Pinch Analysis to Reduce the Water Consumption at a Tissue Mill

232 KB

3.19 MB

Leite B


Extraction of Essential Oils from Vetiver (Vetiveria Zizanioides) Grass

8.1 KB

2.6 MB

Nzimande B


Following a Cleaner Production Approach to Guide the Permitting Process of Odour Producing Industries: An Assessment of Case Studies

46 KB

3.53 MB

Rajkumar S


Modelling Biological Sulphate Reduction in Anaerobic Digestion Using West

6 KB

2.72 MB

Singh U


The health-related microbial quality of drinking water from ground tanks, standpipes and community tankers at source and point-of-use in eThekwini Municipality: Implications of storage containers, household demographics, socio-economic issues, hygiene and sanitation practices on drinking water quality and health.

68 KB

11.1 MB

Mhlanga F


Modelling of the Marianridge Wastewater Treatment Plant

4.99 KB

0.94 MB

Bindoff M.A


Investigation to Determine the Effectiveness of a Commercially Available Pit Latrine Additive and the Development and Evaluation of a Testing Protocol.

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Couderc M.A


Improving the Rate of Degradation of Solids from VIP Latrines

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791 KB

John B.S


A Gate-To-Gate Life Cycle Assessment of a Pulp and Paper Mill in South Africa

6.37 KB

22 MB

Mbolekwa Z


Removal of Reactive Dyes from Dye Liquor Using Activated Carbon for the Reuse of Water, Salt and Energy

18 KB

819 KB

Gounder P


Modelling Of the Effects of Textile Industry Wastewaters on the Performance of a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

85 KB

1.48 MB 

Slabbert E


Application of Water Pinch to an Integrated Pulp and Paper Kraft Mill with an Already Highly Closed Water System

7 KB

2.29 MB

Pillay S


Microbial Studies of an Anaerobic Baffled Reactor (ABR) Treating Domestic Wastewater

23 KB 

17.8 MB

Poulsen J & Lauridsen C.L 2005 Modelling of the new works at Umbilo Sewage Purification Works with the WEST-program – plus an investigation of heavy metal content in the sludge    2.72 MB

Mtembu D.Z


The Anaerobic Baffled Reactor for Sanitation in Dense Peri-Urban Settlements

17 KB

2.24 MB 

Mansfield M


The Use of Water Pinch Analysis to Determine Optimum Effluent Treatment  Conditions for and Integrated Pulp and Paper Mill

106 KB 

3.67 MB

Macdonald C.J.M


Water Usage in the South African Pulp and Paper Industry

78 KB

2.16 MB

Naylor G,M


Application of Pinch Technology in an Integrated Pulp and Paper Mill

60 KB

2.90 MB

Naidoo D


A Pre-Screening Tool for the Anaerobic Treatment of Complex Industrial Effluents and Wastewaters

80 KB

1.18 MB

Bisco C.P.G


Optimal Operation of a Water Distribution Network by Predictive Control Using Minlp

7.3 KB

9.6 MB 

Pastre A


Modelling and Control of Potable Water Chlorination

72 KB

4 MB

Thambiran N


An Investigation of a Waste Minimisation Club for the Metal Finishing Industry

107 KB

2.91 MB

Reiner M


Industrial Waste Minimisation in South Africa: A Case Study in the Textile and Metal Finishing Sectors

57 KB;

1.79 MB 



The Application of Water Pinch Analysis at AECI Bioproducts

82 KB

6.16 MB

Vorenberg D


Thermodynamic Environmental Fate Modelling

60 KB

5.22 MB

Govender M


Investigation of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

58 KB

3.42 MB 

Friedrich E


Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Potable Water Production

50 KB 

2.75 MB

Mudunge R


Comparison of an Anaerobic Baffled Reactor and a Completely Mixed Reactor

73 KB

3.97 MB

Mullan D


Modelling of the Tubular Filter Press Process 

109 KB

15.4 MB

Gardner G.A


Liquid waste Minimization on a Chloro-Alkali Complex

65 KB

2.1 MB

Bell C.B


Biological Decolourisation of Textile Effluent in a Nutrient Removal System

1.0 MB

Sacks  J
  Anaerobic Digestion of high-strength Toxic Organic Effluents   1.2 MB

Reeves J.A


Chemical Speciation Modelling of the Cooling Water Circuit at MATLA Power Station

39 KB 

2.64 MB

Gilfillan C.M


Water and Effluent Management in the South African Textile Industry

28 KB

14.1 MB 

Reddy C.D


The Potential Use of Slow Sand Filtration for the Production of Potable Water

6.2 KB

3.9 MB

Gordon P.B


An Investigation into the Fouling of Heat Exchangers

79 KB

9.69 MB

Dindar M.C


Rural Water Supply and Sanitation: A Transfer of Technology Through the Internet

52 KB

7.89 MB 

Naidoo V


A Laboratory Scale Study to Investigate the Effects of Solids Concentration on the Efficiency of Anaerobic Digestion

100 KB

6.13 MB

Barnett J.L 


Residence Time Methods for Modelling and Assessing the Performance of Water Treatment Processes

53 KB

7.42 MB

Hurt Q.E


Mass transfer Enhancement for Tubular Reverse Osmosis Systems

57 KB

5.58 MB

Pillay M


Detergent Phosphorus in South Africa: Impact on Eutrophication with Specific Reference to the Umgeni Catchment 

72 KB

4.1 MB

Wadley S
1994 Recovery of Brine from Sugar Decolourising Resin Regeneration Effluent by Nanofiltration   18.8 MB

Carliel C.M


Biological Degradation of Azo Dyes in an Anaerobic System

87 KB

2.6 MB

Swart A.F


Considerations in the Selection of the Operating Regimes for Microfiltration

42 KB

6.98 MB

Hubbard G.M


Investigation into the Decolourisation of Johnson Sweetwater using Ultrafiltration 

75 KB

13.7 MB

Botha C.J


A Study of Hydrodynamic Cavitation as a method of Water Treatment

101 KB

9.7 MB

Trusler G.E


The Chemical Removal of Sulphates Using Barius Salts


5.76 MB

 Hunt J
1987 Mathematical Modelling of Cross-Flow Microfiltration   3.3 MB

Leger J.P


Dynamic Membranes from Surface Water Impurities - A Study of Membrane Fouling By Rand Water Board Water


19.49 MB